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Alliance Boleros Antonio

Antonio is a magnificent three time World Grand Champion. He is 32" tall and stands as a shining example of how a horse can indeed possess almost every feature required to win in the show ring.

He has a beautiful head and tremendously balanced body.  His mind is sharp, his movement fluid, and he is eager to please.

Antonio's first foal crop (5 total) hit the ground in 2019, and carry many if not all of these traits.

Tuffy 2.jpg

ME HE Super Tuff Enuff  

Tuffy is a six time AMHA World Champion, and at 27 and half inches; represents the core of the efforts to produce the highest quality smaller miniature horse.  He is exceptionally well proportioned, and has a tremendous attitude both in and outside of the ring.

He's back in the ring one more time at AMHA Worlds and will make his first appearance at AMHR Nationals.

Pecan Hollows Boleros Arturo

Arturo enters his senior year as a three time AMHA World Champion. He is 29" and to this date has been the smallest foal from his sire, SMO Boleros de Suerte.

This little horse is a tremendous athlete with many of the characteristics of the current-day shetland/miniature horse that are so successful in the show ring (extended neck, nice tight barrel, etc.).

He will begin breeding in 2020 after wrapping up show career at AMHA Worlds and (for first time) AMHR Nationals.

Arturo (2).jpg
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